Masjidul Mumineen Women's Convention 2018


Date: July 20 to 22 2017
Location: Masjidul Mumineen 8875 Benning Dr. Houston, TX 77031.

Registration is now closed!!!

Registration is now closed


Comfort Suites

4820 Techniplex Dr, Stafford, TX 77477
Phone: (281) 565-5566
Hotel rate per night is $95.20 (tax included)
Maximum 4 people per room
Last day for the hotel is June 20th 2018

Reservation Group: Nigerian Muslim Association

Registration is now closed

Conference Schedule

Please call Sis. Fasilat at 832-540-3445 or Alhaja Fausat Aralepo at 832-594-8764 for more information.

More details on the schedule coming soon